Trevor’S Bachelor Party

For many people marriage is a sacred affair where two people agree to spend the rest of their lives together. It therefore follows that the wedding day is also special and one to remember. Trevor Austin was about to get married and decided to have one last day of fun. His friends had decided to throw a bachelor party for him, and he promised himself to make it count. And make it count, he did. Trevor arranged to have alcohol, food and more importantly escorts. Trevor has always been a fan of escorts. All his experiences in the past have always left him with a heavy hangover to cure. Because this was probably his last bachelor party, Trevor decided to get a higher dose than usual so he hired three escorts online.


There is no bachelor party without some London escorts to spice up the events. After visiting the London escorts online platform, Trevor had thousands of beautiful models to choose from. Picking three from the rest was harder than he thought so he closed his eyes and chose them randomly.


The party began. Food, alcohol, escorts and his friends were all present. The escorts in particular did not disappoint. They arrived early dressed up in clothes that suited the event. They were in pink tops and booty shorts that left little to imagine. Trevor had a night to remember. Apart from the food and alcohol, he enjoyed lap dances and booty shakes that left him aroused. The girls poured drinks on themselves and their clothes hugged them tighter. Trevor could see all their curves, nipples and cleavages without straining. This is exactly as he had fantasized.


As time went by, the alcohol took control and the participants took the craziness to a higher level. From the romping to endless kissing, the girls were wet and Trevor’s penis was as hard as ever. One of the escorts knelt down to perform a blowjob while the rest caressed Trevor. This felt like paradise. They later went to a room upstairs where they had threesome sex. Trevor enjoyed taking turns banging the ladies in all manner and styles. After an hour of nothing but scintillating sex, the climax of the party had passed and everybody lay down naked, tired and satisfied. Trevor could not imagine that he was going to miss bachelor parties like these now that he was going to get married.

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